HH Elementary Strings

A word on purchasing and renting Instruments…


If you are considering purchasing an instrument for your child in the near future, please let me offer you some strong suggestions before you begin this process.  We struggle every year with instruments that have come from Ebay and the like because they cannot be tuned properly, and only lead to frustration for young players.

1.  If your child is still growing, you might want to wait until they reach a full size instrument to purchase one.

2.  Please do not buy an instrument from Ebay, Craigslist or other Internet site before contacting me.  It will most definitely end up in frustration for your child and more cost to you to get the instrument into basic playable condition.

3.  If you are renting an instrument – please rent the instrument for the entire school year as strings are a full year commitment.  After 1 year of study, your string student will just be beginning to play a short melody.

4.  Students will be unable to tune their own instrument for at least the first 2 years.  Tuning a string instrument is very difficult, and depends largely on the development of one’s ear.  Instruments will be tuned at school.

5.  If you are looking for a place to buy a quality instrument, I would recommend Shar Music or Johnson Strings.

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