HH Elementary Strings

1st year – 4th Grade


Hatboro-Horsham School District String Instrumental Program

This meeting is to help parents and students understand the string program at the elementary level. Choosing an instrument is an important decision. We will try to help with that choice tonight.

• One thirty minute lesson will be given during the school day. Check for assigned day. (A-F)
• Lessons may be on a rotating or permanent schedule, depending on teacher’s choice.
• Instruments should be brought to school on lesson day and returned home at the end of the day.
• Please be careful with instruments at the bus stop. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF THE CASE.

• Average of 5 times a week is suggested.
• Each practice should be 15-20 minutes.
• A practice chart will be in the front of the lesson book. Students are to check days practiced. Parents should monitor the practice and sign the chart each week.
• Progress reports will be issued for the 2nd and 3rd marking periods.

Lesson book and Accessories
• “All for Strings” by Frost is the lesson book. (Book I)
• Folding music stand is needed for at home practice.
• A shoulder pad is necessary for the student to be comfortable and have a good position. Rosin is needed to keep the bow in playing condition.

Tuning and Repairs
• Instruments will be tuned every week. Students should try not to bump or play with the pegs. They will not be able to tune their own instruments for the first year.
• If a string breaks the teacher can put on a new string.

Orchestra Rehearsals and Concert
• All 4th grade string students will present a concert on May 3, 7:30 PM in the Forum at Simmons.
• Rehearsals will be after school beginning in March. They will be on rotating basis to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Students will be bused to a central location and parents will pick up at 5 PM at that location.


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